My goal is straightforward: to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales, and increase their overall revenue and profits – quickly and inexpensively.

If you’re interested in adding an extra $500,000 to your bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months – without selling more time for money – then I can help you.

I specialize in sales and marketing for small business owners.

Over my 27 years of business ownership, I’ve developed a keen understanding of the complex issues facing small business owners in the volatile economy we have today.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota I started my first business in my parents basement. From there I built multi-million dollar businesses in everything from cleaning and construction to insurance claims.

Since 1991 I also built a business as a national speaker/trainer and have taught state certified continuing education classes for thousands of business professionals. My expertise made me a highly in demand speaker and trainer, and I was also was featured in various media outlets such as:
New York Times
CBS/WCCO Television
ABC/KSTP Radio & Television
MPR Radio

In 2016 I joined Thrivent Financial as a financial professional and have enjoyed helping individuals secure their retirement while also consulting with small businesses on their financial growth opportunities

My decades of experience has equipped me to quickly and effectively teach you how to apply the right strategies in the right order to grow your business to its fullest potential.
I HATE business failure. I don’t just mean businesses that fail, I mean businesses that fail to give the owner the lifestyle they deserve. Never ending work, stress, inconsistent pay, and chasing goals that are never reached – these are things I see time and again. They are common in small business ownership but they are NOT inevitable nor inescapable. Merely surviving in business is not success. It is my passion and joy to use my experience to help businesses owners to break though barriers and finally attain the success they deserve. 
I have frequently been asked to share insight and mentorship with small business owners. While I have enjoyed doing so informally when time allowed, I have been looking for an opportunity to coach in a more impactful and comprehensive manner. I am thrilled to have found that platform in LPW. They have spent more than 10 years and $2 million dollars developing the world’s first E-Learning Marketing System – currently being used by more than 5000 small business clients in 50 countries around the world to grow their business to multi-million dollar status and beyond. I can’t tell you how much I wish I had these resources when I was building my businesses!

LPW is considered by many of the world’s top business professionals to be the most powerful client attraction program available anywhere today.

Over the years, I have found that I have a special talent for helping business owners create competition-crushing marketing. I begin this process by exposing the flaws in marketing that almost all small business owners fall prey to (I know because I’ve made many of these mistakes myself!) and explaining why these flaws are stifling the growth of all business owners today.

In addition, my team has developed numerous training programs for business owners who prefer a do-it-yourself model. Each video lesson provides a step-by-step approach that enables any business to instantly produce more leads, close more sales and see a dramatic increase in revenue and profits.

My Business Growth model is perfectly positioned to help business owners realize their dream of creating their own multi-million dollar business that feeds their passion to achieve personal, financial and professional freedom.

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